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The Xinyuan Inn (Xinyuan Kezhan) is within easy reach of the Beijing Drum Tower (Gulou) and Shichahai. From this hotel, guests can walk to the popular Prince Kung's Mansion.

With a Chinese style, this Beijing hotel houses accommodations ranging from single rooms to suites.

There is a bar where guests can socialize while enjoying spectacular views of the Beijing Drum Tower and the Shichahai.[View Detail]
住客评论 218条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • auby1984
    Good location, directly to the sea, facilities can, breakfast was simple, convenient subway, the next time you can stay at this
  • eric1989
    Good location
  • e01319152
    Predetermined room, free upgrade to a king room, great location!
  • JASONXU918
    Attractions nearby-the traffic is very convenient, right next to the Metro station. also offers a complimentary breakfast. health conditions. very special.
  • barcleyduan
    Room facilities are very old, cleaning is not in place, the facility is simple, but the location is good
  • angeladwj
    Staff was very helpful
  • feng860321
    Very good hotel, room distinctive, clean area door, convenient late. next to the bar is not noisy.
  • yu_wang123
    Set rooms aside, after all, only economic geographies recommendations on health do better or else I can't see in the room details
  • dldldd
    All right
  • e00486943
    Nice, antique furniture, the room is not very big, very complete facilities. well, because my reasons for booking late, beat keeper give back time after telephone contact. here is commercial Street, next to Hou Hai, very noisy in the evening. across Tiananmen Square, very close to the forbidden city, walking on the 20-30 minutes.
  • lin620010510
    Very good service at the front desk were very thoughtful and very good! kids loved it! is a bit noisy at night! yan Dai Xie Jie, however this is normal! next time you come to Beijing!
  • Cavims
    Because traffic fear didn't room, Inn is patience left has room, may not weekend households rarely, is quiet. room furnishings antique, is like. Select this shop is wants to second days morning to Tiananmen see flag, and night to Houhai near some, out sat bus and Metro are is convenient. but insufficient of is; 1. room health somewhat bad, has cockroaches any through. 2. shower between too small, glass door following is is big of gap, water will to outflow, only sideways and toilet squeeze in withDo wash 3. hallway lights stay lit all night, through the door glass is glare affect sleep. 4. no bedside lamps, bedside or other lighting switch, a bit inconvenient.
  • silence0822
    Feeling like the general feeling so-so
    Location next to the sea, convenient, nice, next time you select here
  • yaovone
    Let us talk about the advantages, the traffic is very convenient, go out on the Metro Line 8 line and bus; and thoughtful service, tenants require basic meet! disadvantage small rooms, facilities are old and poor health!
  • yjing1025
    The perfect location, behind Hou Hai, 200lai meters from the Subway Line 8 line entrance, located in Yan Dai Xie Jie, clean rooms, antique rooms satisfactory health.
  • an3088999
    small but clean rooms,near drum and bell tower,helpfull staff
  • oliviamu39
    Traffic is very convenient, in yandai xiejie corner Hutong tour is more convenient, and very close to Metro station, in front of buses is also very convenient, traffic very good, rooms are small, clean and toiletries proposal cabin.
  • eaton
    Good eat eat eat eat eat eat wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe
  • cryingangel
    You get what you pay for. Clean, ok location and reasonably priced.
  • ann6818
    Location good service
  • fxm60
    Overall pretty good!
  • duanxf
    Good location
    General OK, location first-class, I live that night is usually days, night can heard near bar band singing, to night at 12 o'clock around. yandai xiejie oblique Street Street voice is listening to missing. I wants to night can quiet, so second days moved away from, but does not representative Inn accommodation environment bad. breakfast is eggs, bread and milk. but due to near eat of place many, it of breakfast and no is attract.
  • LM0429
    Stay two nights, very convenient, everything is right around the
  • guest01
    Good, very good location, where is very convenient
  • laobai123tv
    Hotel is located in yandai xiejie oblique Street, behind is Houhai, way play way snacks, night is can in Houhai a article Street drink drink small wine listening to listening to music see night, is is comfortable! early to Beijing of candidates this hotel way play special convenient, Metro Line 8 line out of to on 200 meters, to which play Metro travel most convenient, not sat Metro go go 10 minutes also can to gong Palace, to South drums Xiang. most main of is desk of two bit Uncle people special good, you asked what they are carefullyIntroduction.
  • actionplm
    Room cockroaches, worms a lot, outdated facilities. sound bars and the street is very noisy. historic baths, either. good place not ready for needed energy to improve.
  • fjw_127
    One word, bad
  • fen712
    Small rooms, but the price at that place, can only say that you pay a price for a quality, very good location, very close to the Metro station, a bit noisy during the day, other
  • gugu1211
    Location just on the edge of Houhai, very close to the Metro station, arrangement and decoration of antique, boss is also good, although is a small point, but this price is very worthy of this position.
  • captain1120
    Hotel great location downtown. metro station close to the environment generally, the price is too expensive, with no breakfast.
  • c_xiaowei2003
  • matt_ye
    Hotel reception is very poor, because book online cheap 28, truly difficult to select only the poor conditions of the room, who knows the inside of the feline, which really hurt.
  • E01220551
    Very good location, less than 50 metres to the shichahai, to blow in the evening sea breeze yo bends are also excellent. Bedding was clean the room, just not January as well as insects and other small animals ... can also be luggage at the front desk. Anyway very nice great
  • LorenYuan
    OK hotel.
  • e01547273
    Not how to
  • gnywb
    Hotel transportation is convenient, a former Marine, Houhai, Prince Gong's mansion, Beijing Hutong's best
  • e05386389
    Price is very affordable, health service caught up with us, surrounding traffic is very convenient, go out on the Metro without a lot of walking, this very unsatisfactory. front desk service is also very good.
  • D utterly
  • bitscorpio
    Overall good service quality needs to be strengthened
  • Sunday11
    Surrounding is very convenient, antique, there are many featured shops
  • e00164350
    Nice is the bathroom a bit stagnant water pillow for a change, other good
  • advan
    Room was small, location is good
  • e00129091
    Reunion live before, find antique charm, the children stay, around the holiday, like, would stay there again
  • lipinglu
    Environment. convenient. Hainan percussion Lane, after leaving the Metro is very close.
  • jieforxc
    Good location close to the Metro bus station walk a few steps is after the room is small but very warm and fragrant service was very helpful
  • Will Guan
    Great location, very close to subway station SiChaHai (Exit A2) nice flair around the HuoHai Lake area. It can be a little bit loud as there are a lot of bars next to the hotel. Many Hutongs to visit around. Belltower is very close. The breakfast is not so good - better find something streetfood around the corner.
  • spiicc
    Location was really good! in yandai xiejie Street, in the evening, stroll on the beach after a long time back, particularly convenient. very antique feel, large room, clean did not feel too good? the street singing may bar a bit noisy, overall really like here.
  • JessieJi26
    Nice hotel, will be the next to, in place of service